Buy This, Make This: Bandolino Pumps, Embellished Favor Box


Over the weekend I took advantage of all the great Labor Day sales. It had been awhile since I had gone on a full-fledged shopping trip so it was fun to splurge on things for fall. The only thing left behind at the shoe-shopping spree that happened at Macy’s around 1pm on Monday were these Bandolino pumps. Aren’t they pretty? I already had a few other pairs of shoes that I was ready to buy (loafer wedges for work, Steve Madden boots) and as much as I wanted to get them I knew the right thing would be to save the $70 and keep them on my wishlist.

The clusters of rhinestones on the shoes really jumped out at me and I thought I’d make a little project inspired by these shoes. I used a template for the cube box you can download for free from the Ruffled blog to make a favor box. The burgundy I think lends itself to being a nice package for chocolate. Making tons of these for a big party could be pretty tedious since you have to apply every rhinestone by hand, but a single one makes for a cute “thinking of you” gift on any day!

I think I might make this a regular feature on my blog… things to shop for, then things to make inspired by the items. I’m constantly inspired by fashion and home decor in my paper crafting endeavors and sure there will be more stories like this Bandolino one to share :)

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One Response to Buy This, Make This: Bandolino Pumps, Embellished Favor Box

  1. Natasha says:

    I think you should make this concept a regular. I like it. You’re so cool.

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