Phillies Scrapbook

Baseball season (sadly) may be over in Philly, but the good news is that you can still scrapbook those Phillies memories :) Here’s a look at a Phillies album I made using photos from one of the highlights of my summer – my brother’s birthday celebration at Citizens Bank Park.

Cloth mini album by Kolo featuring a Jolee’s dimensional baseball sticker (it feels like a real baseball, too!)

I always incorporate memorabilia whenever possible… I tucked a ticket and a Phanatic “happy birthday”
sign I created into one of the photo pockets.

I wanted to keep the photos the focus, so most of the time just added little details in the corners
or some journaling on the side.

I think it’s important to include photo IDs so years later you (or whoever may be looking at the album) can see who was in the photo — or in the cases of kids, how they have grown! You don’t need much space for this – I used the white space of a ticket embellishment to jot down names.

I’m not adverse to writing on photos – it’s an easy solution for getting journaling in a mini album when there isn’t much space, and works especially well if the picture adds to your story.

I like using the inside covers to finish the album… in this case, the blank spot was perfect for the Jolee’s field sticker.
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