Handmade Calendar 2012: How to Make Your Own Calendar Using Bind It All

Making my own calendar was one of my projects on my to-do crafting list for the new year that I can already check off my list! It’s pretty easy to design and construct your own calendar using a binding machine such as the Bind-It-All (BIA). If you do not have a BIA, you could use a hole punch and rings or ribbons, which would provide a more loose binding. Here’s how I made my 2012 calendar, with some tips for a cohesive look and useful design.

Creating the calendar pages: I custom designed my calendar with original colorful patterns and a favorite new script font in Adobe Creative Suite. I strongly suggest even if you are going to completely make a design from scratch like I did that you still work off a template. I really liked my 2011 calendar that I purchased from Minted last year, but since they don’t sell them anymore I decided to make my own. I used the measurements of the pages and the calendar box sizes as my starting point which I know saved me a lot of time!

My 2011 calendar purchased from Minted (left); a page I created for my 2012 calendar (right)

Printing the calendar pages: Once you create your design or work off an existing template, print your pages onto heavy cardstock. (Remember, you want the calendar to last all year… so flimsy paper won’t cut it!) I used 100 lb. textured white cardstock. If you cannot feed cardstock into your printer, print it on thinner paper then back it on cardstock with permanent adhesive.

Binding the calendar pages: Once you have your pages printed, double check to make sure you have all the dates right before you begin binding and that you’ve included all the holidays. (This site is helpful for that.) Feed your pages through the BIA punching  mechanism following the instructions that come with the machine. Only use one or two sheets at a time and hold them evenly otherwise you’ll end up with crooked hole punches and have to re-print your pages. After you punch the holes, you’re ready to bind. Insert your O-wire into the holes you’ve punched then press them through the machine. And that’s it! Your custom calendar is all finished and ready to use.

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