Gorgeous Craft Rooms

Any day is a good day to get organized, but the starting of a new year can be especially motivating when it comes to organization. On Monday, I spent the day cleaning up and it’s so refreshing to work and create in a spotless space (even though I know soon enough it will be messy again!)

In the spirit of the new year and organization resolutions… here are craft rooms I found on Pinterest recently that are not only totally organized but also beautifully designed and decorated.

To start the tour, imagine stepping into this happy crafting zone… (I love the banners! and the bright yellow secretary desk)

Or maybe spending the day paging through craft magazines in this sleek room that’s part office/part library…

This desk has a funky wrap-around design so all your favorite supplies would be right within reach while you’re making a card or scrapbook…

Hosting a crafting date would be so much fun in this cozy space, which makes great storage use of the oddly-shaped wall and features lovely lighting, from both the big window and the chandelier…

This colorful craft room has comfy and cute seating while you work, and the flowers are a fun accessory…

Finally, functionality can’t be forgotten while creating a beautiful space. I love how this chest serves as a filing cabinet…

…and how this traditional armoire is stocked with crafting supplies…

Maybe someday, right? A girl can dream….

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11 Responses to Gorgeous Craft Rooms

  1. Maureen says:

    Love the attic craft space! It’s just beautiful =)

  2. I know isn’t that space so pretty? Thanks for stopping by my blog, Maureen!

  3. natka says:

    The rooms are fantasic! I can just dream about it!

  4. Annette A. says:

    wow these rooms are so amazing…maybe one day..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment..
    I hope you will stop by again soon.. Happy Crafting..

  5. These are gorgeous! I could live in any one of them and be happy, lol! :)

  6. cindy says:

    Such organizarional skills you have! These pix are so inspirational. Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. ChrystinaNoel says:

    I think I might just have to spend the entire rest of the day daydreaming about gorgeous workspaces, this was awesome, thank you!! Also – I hope to one day own that many arts and crafts books… and that rounded-edge desk with all the storage in it.

  8. rclafever says:

    I just love the funky wrap around desk! Organizational dream come true!

  9. Carmen says:

    Where can I get the desk that wraps around! I’m in love with it.

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